Choose 2 Live And Think Healthy In A Healthy Community



The project is a bridge between European countries, aim at enhancing the European dimension of education in partner schools by promoting a positive and active attitude towards a healthy lifestyle and its importance at personal and community level, among the students and teachers in our schools and people in our communities. 

Students will research and find out what a healthy lifestyle means, which are the effects of unhealthy habits, what are the consequences both for the individual and for the community of a bad lifestyle. The students will work, conducted by their teachers, on subjects as: a healthy food, a healthy environment, a healthy community, practicing sports for the body, studying sciences for the mind – as solutions.


                 France                        Estonia                    Poland                        


                                        Italy                           Turkey                                                 



Project Journal

All Survey Results

26/06/2015 11:31
Estonia Estonian Survey Results  Poland Poland Survery Results Turkey Turkey Survey...

Memories of the french pupils about their trip in Estonia

19/06/2015 14:21
Cassandra , going to Tallinn.pdf Cassandra the guest-house.pdf Cassandra, going back...

Comenius Week in Kärla Basic School - Friday, 15 May

14/06/2015 12:55
Friday was our last day in Kärla.  We had to get up early at that day, even if we were tired...

Comenius Week in Kärla Basic School - Thursday, 14 May

04/06/2015 13:27
We started that day about 8.30 in school. Later we left school and went to the bus. We had the trip...

Comenius Week in Kärla Basic School - Wednesday, 13 May

04/06/2015 13:26
Wednesday was our fourth day in Estonia. We had to get up early at that day, because our activities...

Comenius Week in Kärla Basic School - Tuesday, 12 May

28/05/2015 19:40
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Comenius Week in Kärla Basic School - Monday, 11 May

28/05/2015 19:37
  For Estonians this week started already on Sunday evening. On 10 May, a bus full of...
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